By providing competitive funding for fundamental and frontier research, DIPI supports the mission of creating a scientific culture of excellence in Indonesia and meeting the scientific and technological challenges of today’s society.


As a newly established institution, DIPI is actively recruiting its staff. We invite high quality professionals to be part of our team, by applying for these positions:





Dana Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (DIPI) or Indonesian Science Fund (ISF), has been established under the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia or AIPI), as an independent mechanism to directly fund scientists and engineers to produce world class research. As such, ISF will establish a transparent system to fund multi-year grants to advance science, which are awarded based on merit and rigorous peer review.

The overall responsibilities of the Finance Officer position involves proposal review management; financial report verification and audit, maintaining financial, administrative, and personnel services, coordination and liaising on behalf of ISF;  As an integral member of the ISF team, finance officer manage effective, timely review processes with particular attention to the quality, ethics, and appropriately. The position requires the ability to participte in and support meetings with partners, donors, and public officials, write issue briefs and memos, and effectively support and advence the grant disbursement as a member of a project team. The position is for full time job qualified person.

The Finance Officer reports directly to the Executive Director.



The principal duties and responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited:

  1. Administer and monitor the financial system in order to ensure that DIPI finances are maintained in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Oversee planning and budgeting, internal controls, and financial reporting systems, implement policies, procedures and system that reflect current best practices, and set the tone for integrity in financial management
  • Coordinate the application of Financial Accountability Guidelines, finance, accounting, billing, and audit procedures
  • Responsible for preparation of financial statements, financial reports, analysis, and information reports, present recommendations for programmatic management
  • Assist Executive Director in drafting budget proposal to donor and prepare necessary documentation
  • Providing technical assistance and training in financial capacity building to researcher/grantee/institution
  1. Verify the financial reports for grant disbursement
  • Ensure budget tracking, sound financial management, including programmatic budgeting, quarterly budget projections, monthly spending reviews, and monitoring of payments
  • Review financial reports submitted by the grantees and make recommendations on further disbursements
  • Follow grantee payment schedules and prepares necessary documentation for grant disbursements
  • Collect and compile financial data relating to the program/project and provide up to date information on financial status of the same for analysis and reporting
  1. Administer the financial audit for continuation of research grant
  • Review grant activities for compliance with grant term and conditions, as well as DIPI policies
  • Maintain accurate and complete files of grants documentation
  • Ensure timely submission of financial reports and use of budget/reporting format consistent and compliant with agreed upon requirements and advise Program Officer on the status of contracting
  • Support in grant-making process includes support the evaluation of grant applications, budget proposals, and awards to ensure adherence to grants management procedures
  • Review and analyze budget estimates for allow ability, allocability, reasonableness, and consistency
  1. Maintain the accounts payable and accounts receivable systems in order to ensure complete and accurate records of all moneys
  • Ensure post-award management in accordance with relevant regulations, including but not limited to reporting, audits, etc. in accordance with DIPI and donor policies, and procedures
  • Coordinate preparation and implementation of donor/internal/external audits including liaison with auditors and providing necessary financial archiving procedures to ensure all required expenditure support documents are properly maintained and availed when required
  1. Administer employee files and records in order to ensure accurate payment of benefits and allowances
  2. Administer the bi-weekly payroll in order to ensure that employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner
  3. Provide efficeint and effective office management
  • Establish and maintain financial records system in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles
  1. Perform other related duties as required

Main activities:

  • Represent DIPI at external related meeting
  • Work as a team with other officers, etc.



  • At least five years’ experience of financial and grants management and/or program finance experience required.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in finance, business, or related discipline. Preferable in Accounting.
  • Full time work and has experience in research management, and/or grants management
  • Strong analytic and financial review skills, including experience generating financial reports
  • Demonstrated skills in effectively working, coordinating and negotiating with research institutions and organizations, donors, other projects, and partners.
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively on multiple program and tasks
  • Experience in capacity building.
  • Experience with monitoring and/or evaluation, preferred
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and finance software; ability to learn new software programs as needed
  • Abilitiy to communicate ideas clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing
  • English proficiency: Writing and speaking
  • Exemplify high integrity and ethical behavior, build relationships, communicate effectively, demonstrate adaptability, creativity, and innovative thinking, foster teamwork, and have the ability to make decisions, organize, plan, solve problem and think strategically



Commensurate with qualification and experience, will be discussed in detail at the interview process.



2-8 August 2018



Please send your resume (no longer than 6 pages) and cover letter to with the title of the position in the subject line of your email.


Only short listed candidate will be contacted

The successful candidate will be placed on an initial 3 month probation period


For more information about DIPI, please review our website DIPI provide equal employment to all participants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran, or marital status.





Dana Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (DIPI), adalah lembaga pendanaan yang bergerak untuk hibah penelitian riset dasar yang didirikan pada 30 maret tahun 2016 berdasarkan Keputusan Presiden Nomer 9 tahun 2016.  Dengan berjalannya program terkait Call for Research tahun sejak tahun 2016 DIPI DIPI terus berupaya memenuhi target program dan profesionalisme manajemen. DIPI merupakan organisasi kuasi pemerintah, non profit yang bertujuan meningkatkan pengembangan dan penguasaan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi dengan memberikan dana hibah untuk penelitian dibidang ilmu dasar.

Pada tanggal 28 Juli 2017, DIPI bersama LPDP menandatangani dokumen Perjanjian Kerjasama tentang Pemberian Bantuan Dana Riset Pengembangan Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi kepada 11 judul proposal penelitian untuk tahun pertama 2017-2018 sebesar 12.5 Milyar rupiah.

Sejak tanggal penandatangan Perjanjian Kerjasama tersebut, DIPI dan LPDP telah memulai proses pencairan dana kepada masing-masing sebelas peneliti hibah penelitian Jointcall DIPI-MRC & RCUK.  Kepada sebelas peneliti tersebut DIPI bersama LPDP telah mencairkan dana penelitian pada bulan September 2017 sebesar 20% dari total dana hibah penelitian tahun pertama. Kemudian selanjutnya diikuti dengan pencairan sebesar 50% pada tahap ke 2 dan terakhir tahap ke 3 sebesar 30%.

Tanggal 5 september merupakan deadline penyampaian laporan keuangan dan kegiatan penelitian selama satu tahun, terhitung sejak Agustus 2017 ditanda tanganinya perjanjian kerjasa penelitian antara DIPI dengan Institusi peneliti sampai 23 Agustus 2018 (12 bulan). Sebagai syarat untuk kelanjutan pendanaan tahun ke 2 pada 2019, DIPI mewajibkan peneliti untuk membuat laporan penuh kegiatan penelitian dan keuangan selama satu tahun. Untuk laporan keuangan akan dilakukan oleh audit eksternal yang ditunjuk oleh DIPI dan disetujui oleh donor (LPDP), kemudian untuk laporan penelitian akan dievaluasi oleh para ahli yang ditunjuk oleh DIPI.

TOR ini ditujukan untuk pengadaan auditor eksternal, yang akan melakukan audit keuangan atas 11 proyek penelitian penerima hibah DIPI Jointcall. Laporan keuangan yang telah diaudit merupakan syarat mutlak dalam perjanjian kerjasama antara DIPI dengan donor (LPDP) untuk kelanjutan pendanaan pada tahun ke 2 juga sebagai bahan evaluasi kinerja penyerapan keuangan dari peneliti.



  1. Kantor Akuntan Publik diharapkan memiliki manajemen, sumberdaya dan layanan yang memadai untuk menjalankan tugas memeriksa laporan keuangan program Hibah DIPI Jointcall.
  2. Pekerjaan audit diharapkan sesuai dengan standar pemeriksaan keuangan yang berlaku di Indonesia untuk menjamin kesesuain laporan keuangan dengan PSAK dan peraturan perundang-undangan yang ditetapkan oleh pemerintah Negara Indonesia, termasuk kesesuaian pelaksanaan operasional keuangan dengan financial guideline atau DIPI grant term & condition.
  3. Pekerjaan audit meliputi pemeriksaan kepatuhan dan evaluasi terhadap pengendalian internal yang dijalankan dalam rangka pembentukan laporan keuangan program yang diselenggarakan oleh Dana Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (DIPI). Sedangkan pemeriksaan substantif dapat dilakukan dengan metode sampling berdasarkan resiko audit yang ditetapkan auditor.
  4. Dalam melaksanakan pekerjaannya, auditor diharapkan memiliki kertas kerja audit dan dokumentasi yang memadai dan dapat secara transparan membuka kertas audit tersebut kepada manajemen DIPI. Setiap temuan audit diharapkan telah dikonsultasikan dan mendapatkan justifikasi manajemen mengenai alasan ketidaksesuaian transaksi atau prosedur tersebut dan bagaimana langkah perbaikan untuk masa yang akan datang.



  1. Terselenggaranya proses pengadaan jasa sesuai dengan jadwal pelaksanaan.
  2. Dokumen audit berupa: audit atas Laporan keuangan program hibah penelitian DIPI Jointcall dan manajemen letter.
  3. Laporan dibuat dalam Bahasa Indonesia.


For more information about DIPI, please review our website